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The clean, minimal, and handcrafted feel that has dominated the current generation of web design is probably most apparent in this crop of websites. Time to take some notes on their attention to detail in building an interface that’s familiar to us all.

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Mobile, User ExperienceCommunicating Animation Ideas
“If you design mobile apps and you’re looking for ways to animate your interactive prototypes, you may want to figure out which solution is best for you and take the time the learn it.”

CSSSingle-direction margin declarations
“Everything I’ve written here is nigh on impossible to prove and isn’t quantifiable, but speaking anecdotally and from experience on some huge websites, the method I use works perfectly.”

DesignThe Extra Mile
“Polishing is this continuous act of refining your user experience down to the smallest detail. It is what might ultimately set your product apart from crowd—it is your special sauce.”

HTMLUsing the HTML5 section element
“In the enthusiasm for all the other HTML5 structural elements, there is a growing tendency for the section element to be used whether it’s the right element for the job or not.”

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