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Fireworks doesn’t get as much attention as some of the other products from Adobe, but it is still a valuable resource for many designers. If you’re interested in improving your skills with Fireworks, here are some of the best tutorials available.

Fireworks Tutorials:

Circular Shadows and Highlights

Classy Personal Portfolio in Fireworks

Apple Air Banner in Fireworks

Extracting Logos

Designing for Mobile Devices Using Fireworks CS4

Golden Seal

Floral Type Pattern

LED Cinema Display

Photo Realistic

Working with the Adobe Text Engine in Fireworks CS4

Designing a Media Player Skin in Fireworks

Designing a Website Application with Fireworks CS4

Shiny Ribbon

Amazing Neon Lights in Fireworks

Exporting CSS and Images in Fireworks CS4

Creating an Interactive PDF File from a Multipage Document in Fireworks CS4

Creating a Cool Website Header in Fireworks

Fading Line Effect with Fireworks CS4

Text Glow Effect (video)

Fireworks CS4 Beta for Web Design

Abduzeetles Rock Band Website in Fireworks

Fireworks: 7 Steps Colored Lights Header

Grooveshark UI Design in Fireworks

iPhone App Prototyping in Fireworks

Creating the iPhone Frame on Fireworks

Light Painting in Fireworks

Creating a Vibrant Digital Collage Mixing Buildings and Vector Shapes on Paper

Abduzeedo Job Board Banner in Fireworks

Create Fading Light Vectors in Fireworks

Night Vision Effect in Fireworks

Mini Layout Inspired on 9rules Design

Design a Web Layout in Fireworks CS4

Fireworks Dot Matrix Effect

Gaming Clan Logo in Fireworks

iPhone App Website Wireframe in Fireworks

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