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These are the sort of tools that are handy to have around if you have run out of inspiration or you want to try out a handful of ideas before picking which design path to go down. Some of them are also good if you have to create a lot of logos in a short space of time.

1. Logo Design Studio

Here you start off with five hundred logo templates. You create logos via a customized design of the template that you were given. You first chose a template that fits your paradigm, and then you change and alter it to suit your needs. It could not be simpler, and you can even add wording such as short phrases to it too. Many logos for business have a tagline on them, especially on websites.

2. Quick logo Designer

This tool lives up to its name, as it gives you a quick and easy way of creating your logos. It has pretty basic controls that are easy to understand, use and implement, which is why it is so quick to use.

3. Page Plus X6

This is a great tool for creating your own custom logos. All you need to do is choose between the powerful options it presents and start crafting your logo as a result. As a user, you are able to create a number of different designs that are not customized to your liking via the available sources and tools that the software presents to you. Whilst you are using the software, you are able to use unlimited sources.

4. LogoSmartz

This is a tool that gives you access to different options so that you may make your logo however you wish. You can try starting with the templates, but can move on and add in special effects, filters, fills, fonts, graphic symbols, and other quality adjusting features. It is very clever because it also allows you to create transparent logos too, which is something that a lot of other logo designers will not let you do.

5. LogoYes

There are over 20,000 design elements on this tool, which means that your customized logos are less likely to look like other peoples. They are also less likely to look as if they were created with a piece of software. This tool is good because they have found a way of still making the logo look good, even if you resize it to different sizes (which is often needed anyway). The many options on this tool makes it ideal for logo creating if you have a lot of time on your hands.

6. The Logo Creator

This software was built to make logo creation a little easier, although it is not really something that makes it quicker, it is still an easy tool to use that has a lot of drag-and-drop functions (which are oh so popular these days). You may turn something that already exists into something more personal, or you can start from scratch and see what you come up with as you create your logo.

7. Logaster

This is a tool that is very good at creating bulk logo assignments. It may be hard to imagine a scenario where you need to create hundreds of logos in one go, but if you are creating avatars for a website or logos for an app customization setting or a game, then this may come in handy. It allows you to create a lot of custom logos in a very short space of time; a short space of time relative to how long it normally takes.

8. Logo Maker

The name is a bit on the nose, but it is apt all the same. The User Interface has been created in order to make the whole creation process a little easier and user friendly. It is an intelligent tool that is good for use by talented artists as well as people who just want to give it a go. The User Interface is welcoming enough to support the wide number of people that use the tool and serve their needs adequately.

9. Adobe Illustrator CS6

This tool has a very easy to use User Interface that is quite fast to use once you have gotten the hang of it. It is not difficult to understand, nor does it try to blind you with too many options (although that is not always a good thing). It is good for template based logos, but it also has custom design elements too if you want something a little more original.

10. AAA-Logo

This is a logo creator that gives you a place to start and then asks you to customize the logo so that it fits (or fills) your needs. It starts you with a template and then gives you lots of customization options. It even has its own version of clipart that you can add in. it is a tool that was built for creating logos very quickly. If you want a logo creating in a short space of time, then this is the tool for you.

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