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While most attention is focused on iOS 7 and iPhones 5s and 5c this week, Apple is preparing for its next big OS launch, OS X Mavericks.

The latest preview version, DP 8, was made available to developers last night and includes APIs that allow the energy saving features of the OS to be optimised, along with new frameworks for AV Kit, Map Kit, and Sprite Kit.

There’s also an update to iTunes, spotted by 9to5Mac, which makes improvements to iTunes Radio and allows a notification which appears when a song changes to be switched off.

Mavericks features a re-designed Finder which includes tabs and tagging. It also includes Mac versions of Maps and iBooks, and improves the management of Notifications. New features include Compressed Memory, App Nap, Accelerated Scrolling, and Timer Coalescing, all of which are designed to reduce power consumption and improve performance.

It’s due in Autumn and a number of reports, including one on AllThingsD, pin that down to late October. Those reports claimed that the date had been pushed back from its original schedule in order to allow Apple to focus on iOS 7.

With the new Mac Pro also due around the same time, however, it would make sense for Apple to launch them simultaneously. It certainly won’t want to ship the Mac Pro until Mavericks is ready.

Also expected before the end of the year are new MacBook Pros, iMacs, and Mac minis, along with a new iPad and iPad mini.

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