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How Cell Phone is Affecting Your FamilyMobile phone, as I say, would be one of the best benefits for living in the modern age. We all know that it is like an electronic pet chain that grounds us somehow, and that the other side of the coin has always been out there. But, none of these ever make any difference that it is a life necessity. If you happen to have left it at home whilst you’re out, you will probably feel uneasy through the whole day.

When it comes to parenting, the problem of using mobile phone is a bit complicated – there is a dilemma between enjoying the convenience of such a gadget and avoiding the possible side effect. The dilemma exists with both the parents and children.

Phone Distraction

This is another problem between parents and children especially relating to access to mobile via Wifi 3G networks. The progress of technology makes the phones even more relevant to our lives. In the subway, bus, on the road, even at home, people sinking their head into a smart phone has become a scene of city. At schools, there has been effort that using mobile phone jammer to bring a temporary end to the problem. But that is not a solution dealing with it from the root.

Parents’ Phone Habit

How many times did your dad ever leave the dinner table at a rush with a phone holding to his ear? And how often do you have to end a family reunion half way because one of the members is being summoned by boss with the “emergency” phone rings? More or less, I guess. Yes, it’s work, you will say. But the truth is, maybe there is not so much “emergent” situation if all are without a cell phone. From the perspective of the child, it must be the annoying cell phone that has been depriving them of the precious time to being with parents.

Teen Age Hi-tech Addiction

Unlike adults, who are more likely to be self-disciplined, teenagers can hardly resist the attraction of fashion hi tech gadgets especially if everyone else has it. I have seen indulgent parent affording their children whatever they ask for.  The upgrade of mobile phone is so rapid that it seems all those marvelously made mobile gadget, smart phone all come into the market overnight. You can hardly recognize each of them if do not do with a bit research. It would be like a hole that can never be filled if your children would like to stay at the front line and you support it. Another challenge for parenting in getting phones for kids at young age is that they build up their own phone circle just like you do. How much time you stay on phone respectively, how long you miss to communicate with each other face to face.

From my personal perspective, it is time for parents to give more thought into their own phone habits as well as provide appropriate and suitable phones for their children.

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