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Revenue from Apple’s App Store grew by 25% in the three months to the end of March, said App Annie.

App downloads from Google’s Play store grew significantly last quarter, but it’s a long way behind Apple’s iOS store when it comes to generating revenue, according to figures from analytics firm, App Annie.

The data shows that while Play has almost caught up with the App Store in the volume of downloads, Apple’s marketplace still makes nearly three times as much money.

Over the past quarter, Google Play has achieved higher growth rates than the iOS App Store for both downloads and revenues. While Google Play reached close to 90% of the iOS App Store downloads in Q1 2013, the iOS App Store maintained its strong lead in monetization, earning about 2.6x the app revenue of Google Play. In comparison, the multiple was roughly 4x for Q4 2012 overall.

In order to compare volume and revenue, App Annie indexed downloads from both sites, with Apple’s Q4 2012 figures set as 100. Revenue from Apple’s App Store grew by 25% over the three months to March 31st, while Google Play revenue grew by 90%. But while Google Play now has around 90% of the volume of downloads of Apple’s store, it has less than half the revenue.

Games drove growth on both platforms, accounting for 70% of the revenue on Apple’s store, and 80% on Google Play. On iOS, Photo and Video apps grew to become the third largest category by volume, behind Games and Entertainment.

The US is still the biggest contributor to downloads and revenue on iOS and was responsible for much of the growth. Half of Apple’s iOS App Store revenue now comes from the US and Japan. China was the fastest growing country for Apple download revenue, moving up to fourth in the table. The UK moved to third, ahead of Japan and behind China, in download volume and remained third in terms of revenue contribution.

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