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In this digital age, many of us spend the better part of every day connected to the internet. Whether we are using social media, sending emails, reading blogs and news sites, or playing games, the internet has become such a regular part of our lives that we are rarely away from it for long. In fact, some people who use the web to stream radio or sync with their colleagues are truly connected all day long—they never disconnect, not even for a minute.
And though this connectivity has been a tremendous boon to all of us, there are still places that put restrictions on which internet sites and applications you can run from your personal devices. Schools, businesses, churches, and other venues will install software that filters the websites that people can use over their networks. Though these measures are well intentioned, too often they impede truly important and productive usage of the internet. Fortunately, if you’d like to get around the rules others place on the web, there’s a simple and straightforward way to do so.

Play by Your Own Rules
If you sign up for a VPN service, then you will be free to play by your own rules while using the internet. Even though you may be using an internet connection with rules or connections, those won’t apply to you if you are using a private network. The VPN you sign up for is, in effect, a totally separate way of accessing the web. That means that you’ll be free of all regulations and restrictions. Everything online will be open to you.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Productivity
For many people who spend their days in places with restricted internet access, getting unfettered access through a VPN service isn’t just a matter of getting easy access to Facebook Chat and their Twitter feed. It may seem frivolous at first, but the truth is that many people use these websites for side businesses, keeping in touch with relatives, and monitoring their investments, among other important and legitimate reasons. And there is no reason that these people should sacrifice their productivity simply because their school or employers has placed across-the-board restrictions on surfing the web. For them, having complete access to the web is the difference between success and failure, and having a VPN really matters. So, if you are one of these people and are unwilling to compromise your productivity or success, then get a quality VPN provider, and get yourself all the internet you need.

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