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What is Netlog
What is Netlog

What is Netlog?

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. One question I’ve recently been asked in social networks is

“What is Netlog?”

So I figured I should share my thoughts and experience of using Netlog.

Founded in 2003 by Massive Media NV in Belgium, Netlog is a social networking platform aimed specifically at youths from 13 years and over who live in Europe and the Middle East. It supports over 40 languages, and it has a membership which is approaching 100 million.

Netlog provides members the opportunity to create and share web pages, pictures, videos and music playlist, play games, post blogs and join any of the numerous groups available. There’s also a cool feature which allows members to chat with each other and play games together. It’s also possible to upload your email address book, which can be used to search for friends. Netlog offers their toolbar which, when downloaded, notifies members when they receive messages and friendship requests. Games they currently have include Online Football Manager 4, Asteriods, Hyper Sudoku, Word Challenge and Pacman.

In my own quest to find out what is Netlog, I determined that Netlog has some similarities to Facebook, but has a stricter security and privacy policy, perhaps especially so because of the age demographics it targets. Members build their network by asking others for their friendship, but their personal information is inaccessible until the friendship request is granted, thus protecting the privacy of members and increasing the overall security on the networking system. They also provide blacklist which gives members the option to block specific members.

On the whole, using Netlog is another great way of extending your network of friends, and if you have a blog or website, it can be utilised as another traffic generating strategy.

Well, I hope I’ve given you an insight into, and answered the question “what is Netlog?”

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Wishing you every success!

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