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What is a Diigo

What is a Diigo?

I recently came across and started using Diigo, and I found it to be a great bookmarking tool, and I thought I should share my experiences of using it, and hopefully provide useful information to anyone who  wanted to know what is a Diigo?

Diigo is an acronym for Digest of Internet Information , Groups and Other Stuff. It was developed and run by a small team based in Nevada, USA.  It’s a social bookmarking website where registered users bookmark web pages. Those pages can be shared with other Diigo members or sent as links to friends outside the Diigo community.

Diigo can be utilised as a powerful research tool by people who read extensively online. It is dissimilar to traditional social bookmarking sites in the sense that it’s more about knowledge sharing and less about socializing. It enables you to highlight sections of web pages that are of interest to you as you read. You can also attach sticky notes to sections that you wish to return to later – synonymous  to how you attach sticky note to sections of a physical book pages. In essence, Diigo serves as an extension of a bookmarking tool. All highlighted sections, sticky notes and related urls are saved on the Diigo server for later use.

When used as a social network, Diigo can save considerable amount of time and can provide more relevant content than using conventional search engines.  This is so because the Diigo community creates large collections of information on many subjects, filtered by category ready for your consumption.

As you bookmark pages, Diigo gives you the ability to add tags to help you organise your work and facilitate retrieval of your bookmarks. Retrieving information is achieved by searching urls, titles, highlights, comments and tags. Should you choose not to share your bookmark with anyone, you can keep it private. Using Diigo to bookmark a web page effectively serves two purposes: it saves the url of the web page, the highlighted sections and notes in addition to all cached images.

If you’re into research, knowledge acquisition and sharing, then it’s definitely worth checking out Diigo. I hope that I’ve given you an insight into what is a Diigo!

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