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The invention of social media networks has impacted the online business world tremendously, to the point where there are now countless blogs and websites that are relying exclusively on said social networks in order to rake in traffic. As far as potential goes, social media seems to have a limitless amount of it, potentially allowing business owners to reach out to billions of people around the entire planet. However, the problem is that even though many are relying on social media for traffic, there are actually very few out there who go about it the right way, with most people lacking the knowledge as to how they can develop their social media influence. And so, here is a look at five methods you can use in order to increase the amount of social media shares you get, and thus, the amount of exposure your website is going to receive.

Create your Own Fan Page

This is one of the most basic factors that people need to take into consideration when trying to increase their exposure, and yet it is the one that is most often forgotten about. Most social networks allow you to create some kind of page or profile for your brand and/or your company. You can talk about literally anything you want on that page, although it is recommended your posts remain centered around your niche. The more people like your page, the more you will become popular, and the amount of people who are going to receive automatic updates when you post something will be amplified. In other words, a fan page will allow you to create a solid customer base.

Integrate Exit and Entry Popups

While it is true that some people advertise against pop-ups, there are many bloggers who have used them with great success. You can install a plugin that makes it so that a form pops up whenever people are either entering or exiting your website, prompting them to “like” your fan page. As such, you are going to increase the number of people who are following your fan page, and consequently, the amount of social shares you are going to get. As it happens, most people are lazy and need to be prompted to like a fan page in order to actually go through with it.

Make the Description Eye-Catching

When it comes to getting your content shared on social networks, you first need to attract people to actually read it. This starts with the brief little description they are going to see before clicking on the link to your post. That description is your chance to get their attention, to captivate them and force them to read about what you have in store for them. How exactly are you supposed to achieve such an effect? Well, there is a popular trick that works more often than most people would think, referred to as the question trick. Basically, in the little amount of space you have for the description, give a bit of information about your business and then pose some kind of intriguing question at the end of it, implying that you have the answer to it.

Build Bridges, Never Burn them

If you want to have your content shared by people, then you will have to work on building a relationship between yourself and other bloggers in your niche as well as those who have found your posts to be interesting. You can share their content, write comments about it, or even make your own guest post on their website, and if you have a good understanding, they will start to do the same for you. Hopefully, in time, it will turn in a “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of relationship.

Keep Calm at All Times

This may not sound like much of an advice, but you would be surprised to learn how easy it is to get frustrated in the social media business. However, you need to remember that the frustration starts with you. If you never interact with your customer base and simply keep on posting links and short snippets, they will become frustrated at your lack of humanity. Don’t make all of your content promotional; you need to answer some questions, present facts, discuss recent events, and so on and so forth. Just like you need to build a connection with fellow bloggers, you need to build a connection with your clients.

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Jason Smith is an online manager for BCVAWEB – video production dallas tx. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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