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Twitter has launched what it described as a 21st Century version of the mixtape. Available as an app for iPhone and iPod touch and on the web, #music allows Twitter users to discover and listen to music.

In order to listen to full songs, rather than just snippets, however, you’ll need either a Spotify premium or Rdio account.

The app has a number of different tools for helping you discover music. It can display songs which are currently popular on Twitter, or, at a tap of its menu, those of up and coming artists. It will also show you what’s being played currently by other Twitter users you follow and pick tracks for you based on what it thinks you’ll like.

If you hear a track you like, you can tap an iTunes button to buy it on Apple’s music store. And if you tap on the name of an artist, it will show you which other musicians they follow.

Twitter #music is available now on the App Store.

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