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If ever there was an optimist, it is someone who thinks that Facebook can be used for more than a social network. If you truly want to expand your business with Facebook, then you should try to understand the limitations of that expansion, and how you are not going to take over the world with your efforts on Facebook.

If sharks walk the earth then go for a swim

Lots of online gurus and “experts” (written in a sarcastic tone) will tell you that Facebook can revolutionize your life and improve your business or make you rich. The irony is that when you see these supposed experts claims, you did not find them on Facebook. It is a little bit like an expert on Mercedes driving a hatchback Ford.

If someone is making grand claims about Facebook, they are either sat at home stroking a white cat and chuckling to themselves, or they are trying to make money from you. The most common scheme is to offer you social media optimization or social media monitoring tools–do not fall for it.

What won’t Facebook do for you?

It won’t give you very effective free adverts. It will give you free adverts because you can start a free fan page and post things on there for free. These posts may be promotional. However, they will not be effective because nobody with all their brain cells is going to go onto a social media website to watch adverts. How many people do you know that watch YouTube videos so that they can see the adverts that start before they begin? Your adverts will not be very effective on Facebook.

It will not make your rich through direct sales. Facebook knows that the second it becomes so commercial that people are making direct purchases from the network–that Facebook will go the same way as all the social media attempts Google made before Google+, (do you remember Friendster or Wave?).

It will not be the base of your viral or buzz marketing. You should put that little doggie to bed right now. If you want to try viral marketing then you need to use all of the social media you can find. The only viral marketing that works these days receives blanket saturation media coverage. This means that launching from Facebook alone will not win you any prizes. On the other hand, if you are trying your hand at viral marketing, you should include Facebook in your machinations.

What Facebook can do for you

It can help you to build your brand, which may seem like a contradiction of the above points, but it is more about implementation than presence. If your every Facebook post is promoting your company, your products, or even your brand, then you are not truly brand building.

You can optimize your Facebook page for one brand principle and simply nail it. If your shoes last the longest, then there are hundreds of thousands of posts you could create that would explain this in an engaging (an even non-promotional) way. Not promoting a product in favor of a brand principle may leave a bad taste in your mouth, but it won’t matter when you are a big as Coca Cola and you don’t need any brand principles (other than to exist).

It can get you as much as a 15% conversion rate if you try hard enough. You can convert viewers of your Facebook Fan page to viewers of your website. A 15% conversion is excellent, which runs to extraordinary if you are able to make that number consistent. The record so far is a conversion rate of 24%. So if you have “gurus” telling you that Facebook is a big traffic getter, then they are smelly liars.

It can remind people that you exist, which is another key element of branding. Those who understand branding know that it is not about getting the immediate sale. They know it is about being the first company a person thinks about when they finally come to needing your product. Facebook may be used in a rather insipid way to keep your brand at the back of a person’s mind, so that they do think of you when they finally come to needing your products.

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