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One of the biggest problems in web design can be noticed when you access a site that has many broken links. In case you did not know, broken links can be defined simply as links that do not work, are dead or are no longer available on the website. Because of this, when a visitor clicks on broken links they will not go anywhere. It is obvious that there is a huge chance that the visitor will just leave the site but that is just a minor problem since the site owner has a lot more to lose in this scenario.

Search engines will detect the fact that there are broken links present and they will penalize the website by lowering search results ranking. Users are discouraged and they get the impression that the site is not serious. The overall integrity of the site is destroyed since any web entity that has many broken links is not user friendly. You can even lose man potential customers or clients when you have an e-commerce site that has broken links.

Why Should Broken Links Be Avoided At All Costs?

1. Search Engine Rankings Will Drop
Search engines will easily detect the broken links. Because of this, when you avoid having broken links, the site will automatically have a better rank in absolutely all major search engines. Spider bots follow the links and the site is labeled as being user-friendly. In the event that broken links are detected, the spider bots cannot follow link. This makes crawlers completely stop gathering important information listed on your site.
Having many broken links will have parts of your website not being indexed by search engines. A great way to reach a top SERP is to fix absolutely all broken links that appeared on a site. There are ways to detect the existence of such links and tools can be used for this very purpose.

2. Profits Will Drop
If all links on the sites work well, the overall business image is improved and reliability is increased. The visitor sees your site as one that he/she can trust. Various websites nowadays advertise services, businesses or try to sell products. The website owners, entrepreneurs and business owners will utilize websites in order to reach clients, customers or interested individuals at a global scale.
Products and services are marketed with the use of websites but when broken links are present, the perceived quality of the site is automatically lowered. The customers will only consider buying from a site when their browsing experience is optimum. You cannot have that when broken links are present.

3. Returning Visitors Are Lost
For a business owner this is a true nightmare. It is as if interested customers would come to a brick and mortar store and leave because they see a broken window and they are afraid to walk through the glass. The visitor needs to have a proper viewing experience and when this is achieved he/she will come back at a later point in time. Having broken links is a huge problem when referring to returning visitors.

Since there is no shortage of websites that sell specific products or services on the internet, the user that sees too many broken links on your site will not come back. He will go somewhere else because of a better browsing experience. Users have to find the site that they are on navigable. To put it simple, broken links will create a really poor impression for visitors and they will choose not to come back.

Time Is Important When Dealing With Broken Links
There are many website owners that notice the broken links present on their site but they postpone dealing with them because of various reasons. Do not make this mistake! As you can easily see, there are big disadvantages of having broken links on a website, especially when there are many present.

Whenever a site is designed, double check the links and always use proper link checking software. An alternative is using online services that detect broken links. No matter what you choose, make sure that you act fast! A broken link will offer a bad experience for the visitor and this can basically destroy the integrity and reputation of your website.

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