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Make Money Online, Work From Home - From Newbie To MillionaireMake Money Online, Work From Home – From Newbie To Millionaire: An internet marketing success system explained in easy steps by self made millionaire, Christine Clayfield, is a 500 pages of valuable content, techniques and tips on how to make money online. I’ve chosen to write a review of the book because I thought it would be of benefit to readers who are interested in internet marketing, and desire to make money online. I must emphasize, however, that this is a review, so if you need the official website then please Click Here.

From Newbie To Millionaire is a comprehensive book from which you will find internet marketing strategies, wisdom and a considerable number of practical tips applicable to your business. As you may be aware, It is incredibly difficult to succeed on the internet without a good grasp all aspects of it. Christine Clayfield’s book breaks it all down into easily absorbable units. The step by step approach used throughout the book makes it suitable for anyone, irrespective of your level of expertise.

Unlike many books where the author assumes you understand all the terminologies, Christine Clayfield takes nothing for granted, and explains all the internet jargons at the start of the book. She encourages the more knowledgeable internet marketers to skip chapters they are familiar with. Provided throughout the book are real-life

income screenshots which make it very authentic and easy to understand. Irrespective of the niche you are in, you have substantial information that you can apply to help you grow your business. Click here to access Make Money Online, Work From Home – From Newbie To Millionaire.

From Newbie To Millionaire contains a wealth of information, and in it, Christine outlines the areas she went wrong, and the mistakes she made in the early stages of her internet marketing journey, with the hope that you will avoid those mistakes and pitfalls. She also points out those niches that should be avoided at all cost.

The structure of the book makes it possible for you to follow it quite easily: It is broken down into 20 parts, and each part is broken down into many chapters. There are also video tutorials. A selection of the parts are:

·         Can Anybody be an Internet Marketer?

Discusses the skills needed to be a successful internet marketer.

  • Some Internet MarketingTerminology Explained

Gives explanations of terminologies such as ebook,  Clickbank and affiliate marketing, web hosting, SEO and blogging.

  • Niche Research

The essential things to consider when selecting a niche, and the niches to avoid.

  • Keyword Research

Explains the importance of long tail keywords, and what makes a good keyword to target. How to use Market Samurai effectively to find keyword to target.


  • Creating Your Website

This chapter goes into a great detail of how to design a website, starting with choosing a domain name, selecting a website host, installing and setting up the website.

  • SEO – search Engine Optimisation

In discussing SEO, this chapter looks at keyword in URL, why images should have keywords in their filename. Should you have just one website per niche, and how to learn from your competition. 

  • Creating Content for Your Website

Should you choose copy right free book or public domain? Monetizing Your Website

  • Things to Do Before Sending Traffic

This part is more of a check list of what you must do before you start sending traffic to your site: making sure all your links work, publishing your website.

  • Traffic – Free Traffic

How to generate free traffic by improving CTR, better SEO, back linking, video marketing, article marketing, press releases and forum posting and Web 2.0.

  • Traffic – Paid Traffic

This part discusses all types of paid traffic generation, like PPC, Solo Ads, banner advertising, reviews, eBay, Reddit, CPV and Clickbank.

  • Ways to Make Money – No Website Needed

This part provides an in-depth explanation of how you can make money without a website: Article marketing, blogging, buying and selling domain, flipping websites, making money from eBay, how to sell eBooks as hard copy

  • Ways to Make Money – Website Needed

Ways to make money from your website are discussed here: how to build a list using squeeze page, creating and marketing eBooks, setting up WordPress blog that updates itself, how to make money from CPA and Adsense.

  • Drop Shipping and eCommerce

How does drop shipping work, and how to setup one. Step by step guide of how to drop ship on eBay.

  • My Success Formula Explained

In this final part, Christine gives an insight into her success: reveals her simple formula, her guide for books, how much you can realistically earn from a website. How does she investigate the potential of a new niche in 20 steps.


  • The book is easy to follow
  • Great content
  • Easy to implement for beginners and advanced marketers
  • The potential for acquiring good income is immense, provided you are prepared to work hard.


  • The information contained in the book will not enable anyone looking to get rich overnight.
  • At first glance the content does look simple, however the training volume of information contained can take a while to digest.

Well, I hope that this From Newbie To Millionaire Review has given you an insight into the potential of the system.  It is my opinion that with some patience and determination, the book From Newbie To Millionaire can generate considerate income for anyone.

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