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Blogging With John Chow Review

Blogging With Chow Review

John Chow, one of the well known internet bloggers, brought out his eagerly awaited system called Blogging With John Chow a few weeks ago. I’ve spent quite some time using the system, and I thought I should share my experiences of using it by doing a Blogging With John Chow review. I must emphasize that this is a review though, so if you need the official website then please Click Here.

Blogging With John Chow is essentially a 30-day course, in which you’re encouraged to create websites which will run on autopilot, with the intention that with time, as traffic to the sites increases, income from them progressively increases. However, you should not expect a sudden explosion of income. On the contrary, John emphasized that point. Patience and determination are highly encouraged!

Blogging With John Chow Review

So What Does Blogging With John Chow Contain?

Primarily, the course consists of a 30-day Action Plan, broken down into 9 modules, which you’re encouraged to follow stringently. The following are the modules contained in the course:

  • Module 1. Breakdown of what blogging is about: Deals with what to write about and building your brand.
  • Module 2. A step by step guide of how to create your WordPress blog, which themes to use, as well as recommendation of useful plugins.
  • Module 3. Provides guides on building your brand which will enable you to separate yourself from your competitors. It explains when to post and for how long; monitoring Blogosphere.
  • Module 4. Content is King concentrates on attracting comments and moderating them. More strategies of how to get ranking and traffic and consequently more sales.
  • Module 5. Provides valuable information regularly; building a list, and explains how to create a Squeeze Page in 10 minutes.
  • Module 6. Monetization. How to market your blog and make money from it. Promoting  Amazon products, creating an editorial plan, affiliate marketing. Selling ad space on your blog and how to utilize Adsense.
  • Module 7. How to sell to your readers, dealing with returning readers, and RSS feed.
  • Module 8. Optimisation of your blog to drive traffic to your blog, and it deals with Google Panda and Penguin.


  • Module 9. What’s happening. Analysis of where the source of your traffic comes from -  are they typically from social media, search results etc.

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Panda and Penguin

Search engine optimization (SEO) is discussed in great detail, and it involves the amount of consideration that needs to be given to Google’s implementation of Panda and Penguin. He also explains how backlinking should be done using methods like guest posting, forum and blog commenting – paying $10 for 5,000 cheap backlinks is no longer desirable. As a matter of fact, it can be counter-productive to the extent that search engines can ban your site.


One of the marketing techniques John stresses upon is the utilisation of YouTube. One thing that’s worth pointing out is that search engines, in particular, Google, rank YouTube very highly – I presume the fact that Google owns it makes a great deal of difference!

Free Resources


Automation Empire.

Blogging Done for You.


$40,000 a Month Blogging? Bonus Video.

Free Report: 5 Essential Steps to Successful Blogging by John Chow & Peng Joon.


Support is available via email, and they promise to respond within 24 – 48 hours. I haven’t had the need to use it yet, so I can’t comment on its effectiveness.


  • The system is easy to follow
  • Great content
  • Easy to implement for beginners and advanced marketers
  • The potential for income is immense.


  • It is not a get rich scheme.
  • At first glance the content does look simple, however the training volume of information contained can take a while to digest.


well, I hope that this Blogging With John Chow Review has given you an insight into the capability and potential of the system.  It is my opinion that with some patience and determination, Blogging With John Chow can generate considerate income for anyone.

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