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weekly_wrapup-1.pngMarshall Kirkpatrick explains Why Facebook’s Seamless Sharing is Wrong. All of this and more in the ReadWriteWeb Weekly Wrap-up.

After the jump you’ll find more of this week’s top news stories on some of the key topics that are shaping the Web – Location, App Stores and Real-Time Web – plus highlights from some of our six channels. Read on for more.


Top Stories of the Week

Why Facebook’s Seamless Sharing is Wrong

Our coverage of Facebook’s frictionless sharing was of great interest to the ReadWriteWeb community. Several of this week’s top stories were focused on Facebook’s oft overwhelming auto-sharing of banal minutiae.

Marshall looked at why the sharing was wrong, and even compares Facebook to malware.

From Marshall:

I think Facebook ought to put a greater emphasis on acting in good faith and helping its users make informed decisions, in line with their reasonable expectations, as the company seeks to experiment with building the future of media.

ReadWriteWeb commenter JLishere summed it up:

Comment from Why Facebook's Seamless Sharing is Wrong

Infographic: xkcd Shows You the Money

Another popular post this week was our coverage of xkcd’s infographic, “Money“: A well-done visualization of money, from the cost of a single restaurant meal at McDonalds to the net worth of Jeff Bezos. It’s really a must-see infographic. I ordered a copy of the poster because it’s difficult to appreciate on a computer monitor.

Google+ Was Never a Facebook Competitor

Guest blogger, Brad Jordan, makes the case that Google+ was never intended to compete with Facebook, but to expand their advertising reach further.

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