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Apple finally made iTunes 11 available for download this evening, more than two months after announcing it.

The new version of Apple’s media jukebox has an overhauled interface, several new features, and integrates iCloud more tightly.

A toggle switch in the top right hand corner of the iTunes window swaps between your library and the iTunes store. On the left, a drop down menu allows you to chose between music, movies, TV shows, books and apps. Playlist, album, artist and song views can be selected from buttons in the centre of the control bar.

Apple has dispensed with Cover Flow in iTunes 11 but has added a new expanded album view. Click on an album cover in album view and a window opens beneath it.

From they window you can add tracks to the current playlist using the ‘Up Next’ feature; you can choose to add songs to the end of the playlist or have them play immediately after the current song.

The mini player has also been re-designed. It now displays the album artwork and allows you to manage the songs in the current playlist from a drop-down menu.

The iTunes Store now closely resembles the store in iOS and includes a feature which allows you to see what you have recently previewed.

iTunes 11 uses iCloud to allow you to stream content you’ve bought from the Store to any device on your account, or to download it. It also synchronises your position in movie, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U, and audiobooks.

iTunes 11 is can be downloaded now from Apple.

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