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Building your own website is certainly a task in-and-of itself. But to then fill up your website will useful content and get those pages indexed into Google is a completely separate task. The obligations are much different and SEO factors a big role into the equation. But webmasters should feel comfortable writing their own copy and putting together pages with great content.

There cannot be any single rule that always tends to work. But we can look at trends over time and see how other websites have followed things in the past. Also don’t be afraid to do your own research on this topic, either. Hit Google and try searching for keywords related to your own niche. Study what is already out there and make a note of things that you could be doing better than the competition.

Pinpoint your Ideas

When you have the task of writing multiple articles on similar topics it will help to split up different ideas into categories. Try writing them down or saving a document with all your listed ideas, and then put them together in an organized draft. It is especially a good idea to list your talking points if the article is intended to be a long, detailed process.

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If I am sitting down to write a longer piece I will also go out into Google and do research to see what else is out there. You should know who you are competing with and what the results are for your targeted keywords. If there are lots of results with poor-quality websites then it should be easier for you to capitalize on these keywords.

Google can be very lenient with rankings. Be sure and check out their Webmaster Tools if you are curious about tracking your top keywords and where your website ranks on the page. The best method of securing your place in Google is by predicting which areas need more attention with more useful content, then writing your webpages to fit that description.

Build Writing off your Titles

The HTML title tag is very important because this is what Google users will read before anything else. It should be obvious if you have ever used Google before that top keywords will appear bold in the title and description, as well as the domain name. But most people have become self-trained to only skim the description and really look at what the title says.

Write your web copy based off the initial title tags and their own meanings. Try to add more narrative and talking points which will draw readers deeper into your page. The whole idea of valuable web content implies that you are writing something which contains helpful information on a given topic. You should be adding your own personal touch into the large pool of resources to be found on the Internet.

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But never forget that your title tag is the one indicator explaining what your entire page is about. People will naturally associate with this whether you mean it or not. Sometimes it is better to split articles into 2 or 3 different ideas, so they each have their own page full of talking points.

Including Digital Media

Think of some really great websites that you frequently visit for information. Often times it will be the design style, the website layout, and the color scheme which is superior than other alternatives. The text styles and content layout is easier to read and so you would prefer their method over any other.

Keep yourself in this mindset when building content and you will not stray too far off the path. Understanding which styles are “best” for your website is all about repetition. A custom web font may be a solution for spicing up an otherwise bland website. Please also consider the use of digital media aside from text like images or videos.

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If you can illustrate a point better than tell it, find some space to include that illustration! Graphics and charts are sometimes much more handy than words. But it doesn’t take much effort to ruin the page using too many graphics. Test the ideas in your head first and determine if the graphics will be a good fit on the page. Does the extra media help to define your content? Ask questions from the reader’s point of view – your writing will turn out much stronger and easier to understand.

Final Thoughts

Keywords and meta tags are always going to be a cornerstone to good SEO practices. But when you delve deeper into the idea of content curation then we have to start thinking about how writers are publishing stuff on the web. Google indexes millions of pages every day and domain rankings also play a big part in how your website appears to others.

I do hope these ideas for writing content may be applied into your other works. It is not an easy process but those who are well-versed in writing and reading comprehension will understand the subtle differences in writing styles. And as you practice more in a specific niche the writing will get easier and more understandable. Keep up with your own works and if you have any questions or ideas feel free to share with us in the post discussion area below.

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