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HostUCan ImageWith thousands of web hosting providers to choose from it can be quite the headache to choose which hosting provider will best suit your needs. HostUCan attempts to solve that problem with their “hosting relevancy” tool which allows users to search hosting providers by name while checking user reviews, uptime and other information relevant to the type of framework (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) that they plan to use.

To start using the system I simply navigated to: at which point I was able to enter the name of the hosting company I wanted to receive a hosting review and analysis about, in this case I used HostGator and then clicked on the magnifying glass.

HostGator Search - HostUCan - Step 1

Once a search is performed the next screen then shows the hosting company in question, as you can see from the screenshot below is shown with the ability to submit a review and a 100% recommendation rating (rating is based off currently available reviews and not for plan specific relevancy). To check relevancy for my framework (WordPress) I then clicked on “Relevancy Checking.”

After clicking on the “Relevancy Checking” tool I was then taken to a list of the providers hosting plans. For the purpose of my test I then chose the “Hostgator Baby Plan” and clicked on “Check” under the operator section.

HostGator Search Results - HostUCan - Step 3

Once I had drilled down to the Hostgator Baby Plan I was then asked to choose my “Application Framework” which in my case was “WordPress.” Next I chose the number of estimated daily page views I was expecting to receive, in this case “0-300″ page views.

HostGator Framework Selection - HostUCan - Step 4

Once I chose my framework and pageviews the host providers review page was shown, as you can see below the HostGator review was given a “Good” rating with an Average uptime of 99.98%. Ratings from the website are based off customer and editor reviews along with uptime variables and the ability for a hosting providers server setups to support the framework being users (some servers do not support certain technologies while others require “tweaking” to work properly).

HostGator Review Results  - HostUCan - Step 5

Next I chose to examine the same baby hosting plan from HostGator with WordPress and 601 ~ 1000 page views. While the uptime on the site was once again 99.98% the program was listed as Not Recommended because no customer reviews were provided and the web traffic was too high for the small hosting plan. Also notice that the program recommends the HostGator VPS option because it is the highest rated option from this particular hosting provider.

HostGator Review Results 600 to 1000 - HostUCan - Step 6

Between a high number of available coupons, easy access to user reviews and the ability to check which systems offer the type of framework support a user needs HostUCan is a must have hosting provider search engine and review website for owners looking to use various technologies on their projects.

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