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One of the things that search engines really look for when they index sites is how timely the information on those sites is. It’s no secret that people generally turn to the Internet for news on a variety of topics these days. Search engines have an interest in keeping people happy with the results they get from the engine, so they do make an effort to put new information ahead of old information. This has led a lot of people to start looking to news stories as a way of promoting their blogs. Here are some things to watch out for when you do this.

Beware the Press Release

Press releases can be good or bad. Whether or not you’re working from good or bad press releases largely depends upon the site that you’re getting them from. In general, it’s best to find paid sites that run press releases and to take your content only from those sites. On the free sites, it’s not uncommon for people posting press releases to make exaggerated or outright false claims in their press releases. Some premium WordPress themes; allow you to include news streams. Make sure those streams are good before you add them.

Make Sure It’s Related

Before you start looking for news stories that give you an excuse to put up a blog post, make sure that any news story that you use is actually related to your blog. There are plenty of blogs out there that start out with a news story and then immediately switch to something completely unrelated to the content. This is a clumsy attempt at black hat search engine optimization and marketing. It doesn’t work. If you can incorporate the content of a press release or a news story into a blog post, however, it has real benefit.


The rules of attribution are complex enough that they cause professional writers to make mistakes sometimes. If you’re not a professional writer, here’s a handy way to figure out whether or not you have to give attribution. If something you are saying is a generally known fact, it does not require retribution. You don’t have to credit anyone for pointing out that the sky is blue. If what you are saying is the result of specific research, then you have to give attribution. As for news stories, this means that, in most cases, you have to give attribution to where you got the facts to avoid being a plagiarist.

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