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Mobile SEO – Taking you Business to the Next LevelAdvancing technology has changed the way people are using the Internet today. From desktops to laptops and now it has found its place in hand held devices or Mobile devices. The fast growing popularity of Smart Phones and their record breaking sales figures are all indications that the world is on the move and the next big thing is Mobile Internet. There is already a significant amount of the world population using internet services on their mobile phones. How does this translate for businesses around the globe? Businesses around the globe are soon adopting this new trend. Mobile browsers that make it easier for the user to navigate the internet means there is nothing that cannot be accessed through your mobile. How then can you make your presence felt in this ever growing field of Mobile Internet? Your answer to this question is Mobile SEO. In this article we will just get to know the basics of a Mobile Website, how does it work and what is Mobile SEO.

What is a Mobile Website?

To understand the difference let us consider one example; Google which can be found on the web can also be accessed through your mobile. This is because of its mobile enabled version that can be accessed through mobile web. This means there are two versions of Google; one that you can find on the Internet and one that you can find on the Mobile Internet. Thus, a mobile website is where you can access the web page and its features but through your mobile internet. There is often a big difference between mobile websites and regular internet websites.

How does this work?

Mobile sites are normally written in the XHTML code which is different and a simplified version of HTML which is used to create regular sites. Mobile sites also commonly use a .mobi domain name. However, it is interesting to note that it is not necessary to have a .mobi domain or to have a site written in an XHTML format to create your mobile website. Mobile search engines do find sites under the .com domain as well but it is recommended to create your mobile web page using the XHTML codes. This makes it possible for your mobile site to be accessible by different kinds of mobile users, thus ensuring a wide audience for you.

What is Mobile SEO?

We all are aware of the standard SEO practises and its impact on businesses the world over. Mobile SEO though is very different from this. Getting the right code to write your website is just not enough. Like any other internet user, an internet user on his mobile is looking for specific information when he visits a search engine and you want these people to come to your site for relevant information on your site. If you already have a regular website you surely are using SEO and all you need to do is just add mobile SEO to your existing pages. The first step is to make your site available for mobile search engine scans. Secondly, you will have to let the mobile search engine know that you are open to receive mobile traffic and this can be done but submitting your website to these search engines. Apart from this there is nothing else that is different from standard SEO practise. Concentrate on creating relevant content with a couple of strong keywords.

If the technical aspect of the Mobile SEO is taken care with precision, it might well get you the intended results. Just stick to the basic SEO practises and see your site increasing in popularity among Mobile Internet users.

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