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Mobile Marketing Trends

Current Trends in Mobile Marketing

A mobile device is a mode of communicating with an audience in the most relevant and interactive way using any mobile network. The Smart phones available in the market today are incredible tools for mobile commerce. Immense savings in time and expenses can be made. It’s no longer imperative to log onto a computer to conduct a transaction or make a purchase of some sort. The low cost advertisement through mobile devices uses mobile e-mail marketing, mobile text messaging, mobile or WAP websites, area specific marketing and mobile application marketing. The future of advertisement is indeed mobile marketing. The sheer volume and size of the transactions is enormous. It is already coming at par with e-commerce.

The trend of living in society nowadays undoubtedly favors mobile devices. The percentage of global population who own or use mobile phones continues to increase at a vast pace. Contact between individuals is easily achieve by simply sending a text message.

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More impressionable impact is created with this methodology as mobiles are the easiest way of communicating these days – as soon as a message appears on a user’s mobile, the user immediately gets motivated to read it. This negates the chances of ignorance.

With new calling and messaging schemes being introduced by telecom operators, this phenomenon is also attractive to larger businesses. Brands can adopt free text messaging facilities to make their marketing campaign more cost effective. They can send informative messages regarding details of the schemes and discounts of various products and services which their business is offering. Less expensive schemes can be adopted for such transactions which will make the entire campaign more profitable. Essentially, marketers can espouse such schemes which will help them in building customer relationship for both short and long terms.

Surveys can be undertaken along with mobile marketing to have highly beneficial demographic information. Combination of such information will help businesses drive large traffic to them. Additionally, constructive data about other discounted schemes offered by the business can be mailed. They can send details of coupons, promotional events and other special deals which the seller is providing to its customers. Effective utilization of these mechanisms can help marketers generate leads which can be continued in the future. These facts imply that mobile marketing is a very profitable and cost effective tool. Varied strategies can supplement this tool to have maximum profits in any niche.

This same principle is being applied by the mobile marketers. The focus of mobile marketing is on:

• Holding a mobile video conference without the use of any wires.
• The focus will be on the intelligence of these devices far beyond the typing and clicking, talking, locating, photographing and recording.
• Customer service for a variety of areas.
• Superior quality of cameras for users, and standardization of technology.
• Better safety awareness with technologies which get disabled so that drivers are unable to use the device while driving.
• Discounts and freebies through real time mobile coupons.
• Health care services through the mobile handset.

Increasingly, marketers are more inclined to give information about their products and services through mobile communication. Everyone gets messages about the latest music and movies that are due for release. When a new line of footware or clothing is due for launching, there is a message to make the consumers aware of the launch date. The number of hits a website gets through mobile devices is being used by Google, Bing and other search engines to rank websites. Mobile marketing can help save a considerable time and expenses for businesses and make a greater impact compared to other forms of marketing.
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