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Facebook is unquestionably one of the largest social media networks around. Analytical data for September 2012 indicated that it has over one billion active users. It therefore makes good business sense to utilize this vast customer database to drive targeted traffic to websites and potentially increase revenues. One of the advantages of using Facebook as an advertising tool is its incredible flexibility.

It’s advisable to customize your advertisements according to specific demographics: This ensures that your ads only appear to users who fit your specified user profile, which include age, location, gender and personal preferences – that is determined by the groups to which they belong within Facebook communities.

How to Create Targeted Advertisements

In order to create compelling and cost effective advertisements, you need to utilize the options available to drive targeted traffic to your website.

You need to conduct a market research to ensure your target market is correctly defined, and thereafter create ads which target specific segments of your market.

Facebook has quality control system in place which ensures that ads that run through their communities remain within their guidelines and do not have negative impact on users’ experience and activity.

It’s advisable to utilize the Facebook quality control system to create effective ads that capture the imagination of users, and subsequently increase your website traffic, and hopefully increase your revenues – because that’s your ultimate goal. Be mindful that Facebook ads are mostly based on displays, not searches. This implies that your ads are automatically displayed to users whose demographics are consistent with your ads criteria, not when users conducts a search.

Maximize You Click Through Rate (CTR)

The click through rate of your ads is vital in the cost effectiveness of your campaign, and can vastly increase your ads exposure and reach to your target market. It’s also crucial to keep split testing your ads to ensure you maintain a high CTR, and that a high overall performance of the ads is sustained. Be vigilant, and ensure the CTR does not fall below 2%, otherwise your ads will be paused or possibly stopped by Facebook. It may sound obvious, but the most effective way to achieve and sustain a high CTR is to create a targeted ad – it’s amazing the number of advertisers who fail to take that into serious consideration.

Essentially, you ads need to appear only to those who fall in your target demographic, while making sure that all text and images used appeal to your customer base. Keep in mind also the fact that the times of the day ads are displayed is crucial to your CTR. You can choose to either run your ads consistently throughout the day, or have them only appear at specific times (or even specific dates).

How to Set an Optimum Bid

One of the most important aspects of setting up an effective Facebook ad is the maximum daily bid that you intend to pay – the higher your daily bid, the more exposure your ad receives.

Start your bid at low amount, which allows you some scope to familiarize yourself with the Facebook ad system, and then gradually increase your  bid as you adjust your ads to achieve optimum CTR.

Depending on your specific configuration and preferences, Facebook will recommend a maximum bid after you’ve created an ad. You can elect to start your bid lower than the recommended amount and increase it when you feel it’s best for you – ultimately, it’s your money.

Impressions Based Ads v Cost Per Click (CPC)?

Facebook gives the option to either pay for your ad based on the number of impressions it receives or the number of clicks it receives (CPC). For beginners, I suggest adopting CPC, which makes it easier to monitor the effectiveness of the ad based on the number of users who clicks on the ad, instead of paying whenever your ad is displayed. You can, at any point, elect to change your method of payment.

I hope this article on Facebook Marketing Secrets has given you an insight into how Facebook can be effectively used to increase traffic to your website.

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