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Content Management SystemsA Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most sought after and powerful web development tools. It is a must-have if you have a website for your own business or you are planning to launch a new e-Commerce website. Selecting a Content Management System can be very tricky especially when you do not have a set of clearly defined requirements. The prevailing trend is that businesses are outsourcing their CMS needs to ensure that they have an easy-to-use and fast built CMS system in place. However, with so many CMS systems available in the market, how can one be sure that he is getting the right one? What are the points that need to be considered while choosing a CMS? In this article, we will try and answer these questions.

Before we start with answering those question let us see what CMS is and what its uses are. CMS is a web application used to create, edit and store web content or HTML content by means of a database. Later with the help of a backend administration, part of the web application content can be created or edited on your website. Sometimes the content may also include contact forms or a user login credentials which needs to be stored in a database.

 How to choose the right CMS?

1.       Flexibility in Designing

You should ensure that your website is never over governed by technology. Meaning your CMS should never hinder or limit the design of your website. There is a need to cautious about any obstacle that would arise in regards to the design of your website because of the CMS system.

2.       Backend Usage

A CMS system should be made with the end user in mind. It should be user friendly and should not require a detailed technical knowhow to be operated. A CMS developed for geeks will limit the usage of the CMS and you may find yourself paying the agency for minor changes to be done on your website. Focus should be so that a non technical guy should also be able to operate the basic backhand process.

3.    Page Editor

One of the most used feature of a CMS. It is a tool that is used to create content for your website. This is where you can select the page layout, the font styles and also the sizing and layout of the photos to be seen on your website. Therefore, the CMS you choose should have a page editor that gives you easy access, different style formatting and content layout features. If the page editor is too hard to use then it will be impossible to do so without the help of an expert.

4.       SEO Friendly

SEO is an important part of any website and this should also reflect in the CMS you choose. You must ensure that the CMS you use should make it easier for your SEO team to perform various activities like tags, inter-link pages, and tag images and so on.

If you have these points checked before getting a CMS, you will ensure that in the long run you have a system in place which is not only easy to use but one that is extremely beneficial for your business growth.

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