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Instant Impact

This means that the title of a blog post should be impactive, and also especially the first few sentences of the post itself. The title shouldn’t be devised in a way to attract visitors, but which has no real relevance to the blog post. The first few sentences of a post often help to determine whether the reader will deem it worth their while to read the whole post.


Never write a blog post as one mass of text, unless it’s a short post. Using paragraphs will make the post easier to read and easier to identify points of interest. Headings and sub headings should also be used for posts of several hundred words, as they will help to indicate what that section of the blog post is specifically about.


A blog post should, ideally, be under a thousand words long. It’s better to keep a post very short rather than it make it too long. If a post is short, then a visitor to the blog will at least be able to read it quickly, even if they’re uncertain that it’ll be worth their while. Reading a long post will often not be read in its entirety, even if it is well written and informative. For longer posts, using short and snappy sentences and short paragraphs will help to maintain the reader’s attention.


Avoid recycling similar content. Posts being relevant to each other are fine, but each post should have enough unique content so that the reader doesn’t get the feeling that they’ve read something similar in earlier posts. If you repeat yourself it’ll look like you’ve got nothing new to say, and, consequently, your traffic will start to decrease.

Use of Images

Images are very helpful in engaging readers, but they should be an image that complements the blog post, and not be something that is merely random. If the image is the first thing that the reader focuses on, and it has no relevance to the post, then it’ll just come across as a desperate attempt to get the reader to look at the post.

Relevant Opening Sentences

The opening sentences of a blog post should also work in a similar way to an image. They should really underline what can be expected to be included in the rest of the blog post.

Access Your Audience

This is important not only in terms of the content that a blog contains, but in the overall writing style and vocabulary. If a blog is aimed at graduates, then the vocabulary can be more expansive. But, when looking to engage everyone, using unfamiliar words will alienate many of that blog’s readers. There’s also the decision whether to write in a humorous style, or a serious one. Many bloggers, who write on serious subjects, actually manage to have a wide appeal because their posts are laced with humour.

The Rampant Sales Pitch

There are some blogs that are devised to sell products. This sometimes becomes obvious from the moment one lands on a blog, where there are adverts aplenty, and the blog posts are not very subtle attempts to sell products. More subtle ways of selling something include reviews. This is more acceptable to most blog readers, as the reader will feel that they are being given good information about a product from a more impartial perspective.

Check the Facts

Facts in blogs should always be thoroughly checked, and resources for information credited. If a blog post contains a number of facts that are, at best, questionable the reader will feel that the blog is not a reliable source.


If a blog is inactive it will give the impression that the blogger has lost interest in his or her blog. So, if an inactive blog has interesting content, it may still not be revisited.

Any blogger should blog about what they know and enjoy writing about. This will make it easier for any blogger to post regularly, check their facts, and to concentrate on writing engaging posts.

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