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Top 10 Internet Marketing Techniques

Internet marketing forms such an integral part of any internet business, I thought I should list some of what I consider to be the top internet marketing techniques, and the ones I incorporate in my own internet business ventures.

Internet Marketing Tips

Article Marketing has many advantages: a well written article which is accepted and published on the major article websites has the potential to get hundreds of page views. You can get many backlinks to your site. As a writer, that increases your, and readers are more likely to read your future articles. Keep the length of articles to within 400 and 600 words. Select and submit your article to relevant category. Your article will be reviewed, and if accepted, published. Submission can be done manually, and there’re numerous submission software that can submit your articles to dozens of directories. Some recommended submission sites are: and

Video Marketing  is now an important tool for reaching vast audiences because most people would rather watch a video than read an article. Creating a video need not be very tasking if you’re reticent about sitting in front of a camera. Tools such as Windows Movie Maker and Camtasia’s Animoto can enable you to create a good and effective video with slides and sound effects. Upload your videos to video sharing websites, remembering to optimise them for search engines by including your keywords in your title and description.

Affiliate Marketing is the practice in which an affiliate promotes a product on behalf of the merchant.  Popular affiliate programmes include Amazon aStore and Clickbank.  From an affiliate’s standpoint, affiliate programmes are an excellent way of generating income. You simply join a programme, choose a product and start promoting it using the link provided by the network. Your link will contain an ID which is used to track your sales. You’re paid a commission on each sale, and I believe Clickbank pays perhaps the highest rate of commission, up to 75% on many products. One e-BOOK on internet marketing techniques and strategies that I recommend is 101 SuperTips by Harvey Segal. I think it’s worth checking out, and it’s FREE.

Internet Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing utilises the powers of Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Deliciousand LinkedIn, whereby friends and followers share information. YouTube is another powerful tool that you can use to promote your product. One advantage is that when large number of people access your product and find it useful, you become accepted as an expert in your niche. Incidentally, StumbleUpon is  growing rapidly, and you can get a large number traffic from it. A word of caution is the bounce back rate from StumbleUpon traffic can be high.

RSS Marketing is a rather new but rapidly growing means of generating traffic from a marketer’s perspective. RSS, an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, is a tool which is used to syndicate content across the internet. You essentially setup a feed consisting of your website URL, and each time a visitor clicks on your RSS feed button, a selection of your site’s content is downloaded to their browser. Conversely, you can setup an RSS campaign in which you select websites in whose content you’re interested to download and display on your website. You can automate the process and set an interval in which you want content downloaded.

Viral Marketing is the strategy by which products are promoted online by spreading a message that a specific product exists, that it’s worth getting. The product is often free, and the social media network is the best place to achieve a successful viral marketing campaign. Create digital product, for instance an ebook, a software or an article that people would find appealing and distribute them on those networks.

Forum Marketing can be extremely profitable if it’s utilised correctly. It fundamentally involves signing up to forums and making contributions to discussions. Users tend to be highly knowledgeable in specific topics, and if you’re accepted as an expert in your field, the rewards can be extraordinary – users feel comfortable enough to purchase your products, and consequently your ROI increases. Some of the popular forums to which you can subscribe are, and As you complete the various fields when posting on forums, it’s advisable to optimise your information for your main keywords.

Joint Venture Marketing is the practice involving two or more persons to form one entity. In its basic form, Joint Venture Marketing can be as simple swapping ads, and in doing so, drive traffic to your site. You could seek collaboration with an established marketer and perhaps create an e-book to increase your subscribers list and your reputation. Most likely, you’ll do a majority of the writing and your partner uses his reputation to increase sales. Sources for joint ventures include forums, social media networks or simply build a relationship with your readers.

Email Marketing principally involves list building and effecting a marketing campaign to increase readership and consequently increase the sale of products. There’re many ways to build a list: write and distribute newsletters; place opt-in form on your website; use pop-ups to capture emails; give away free ebooks; encourage visitors to leave comments on your website. It’s also possible to purchase a list, but ensure that it’s a double opt-in and use a reputable company. Having created a list, write great emails to distribute, ensuring you use the recipients’ first name. Include benefits to encourage higher response rate. Create some urgency to entice readers to act now but avoid stating the price.

Pay Per Click Marketing is perhaps the quickest way to generate traffic. You essentially place a bid on a specific keywords, and every time someone clicks on your ad, you’re charged at an agreed rate. Conduct a keyword research using Google Adwords or Microsoft Advertising Center keyword tools to find relevant keywords on which to bid. Create your advert, ensuring you include your keywords in both your title and description. Make a determined effort to drive targeted traffic to your website to maximise your ROI.

Well, I hope these tips have been of benefit to you. Remember that you can get additional tips on internet marketing from the FREE e-BOOK 101 SuperTips by Harvey Segal. It’s not new, but I got hold of it recently and it was great.

Wishing you every success!
Pope Moore

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