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I had started working on a smartphone stabilizer for my iPhone 4 about 9 months ago now. I purchased all kinds of mini tripods, accessories, and some carbon fiber parts from the local RC shop. It was a pretty sad attempt at macgyvering something, and I wasn’t satisfied with the results, so I just shelved it and thought that someone else will eventually create something. Today, it has nearly come to reality.

The Slingshot is a smartphone stabilizer that is beyond what any manufacturer of smartphone accessories would ever create. elearning services . It’s the brain child of photographer Charles Waugh, and this thing is universal. We hardly see universal adapters and holders for smartphones of any type out on the market, the Slingshot on the other hand, will cradle anything from an iPhone 4s to the giganto Samsung Galaxy Note, case or no case. It does this by using a couple rubber grip holders within an expandable plastic that hugs your smartphone in place. The grip is also an instant table-top tripod, you can disconnect it and mount it on a larger tripod too. The price is so affordable, at $14 a pop you can help this kickstarter project reach its goal and make the Slingshot a reality.


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