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Verizon is widely known for its Verizon Wireless operations. pet grooming tampa . But cell phone carrier services are not all that the big V can offer to its customers. divorce in texas . criminal law lawyers . A growing Verizon FiOS network that was first deployed 6 years ago offered ultra fast Internet access, it has since evolved into a multi-functional service that includes FiOS Internet, FiOS TV, and FiOS Digital Voice.Fiber optic cable technology employed by Verizon FiOS is famous by its so called last mile problem solution. In short, Verizon FiOS has fiber optic cable going to the premises to never lose on signal quality and bandwidth.FiOS TV service consequently feeds up to 530 high quality and HD TV channels to homes. The alliance between Verizon, Samsung and LG are to bring very high quality TV content, together with rich Internet media content, to the Verizon customers TV sets. Flexview DVD catalogs shown here are just one possibility. Thanks to FiOS speeds, chosen content starts playing almost instantly, that is, with no delay or buffering.High quality multi-party video conferencing can also become a reality. When WiFi hardware under new 802.11ac standard will become available, benefits of such an alliance may show on new WiFi-connected mobile devices from Samsung and LG. 

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