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I heard a friend say the other day that web designers measure time in deadlines. Maybe that is an overstatement, but time is of the essence. They need to get a high quality job done as fast as possible. For the most part, a designer’s working process involves the use of acceptable images, and I believe I’ve found a great resource for this purpose: Stockfresh, coming from the original founders of stock.xchng and Stockxpert.


You can take your pick from a vast array of high-quality graphic images. Last time I checked, there was a handsome amount of 2.5 million images in their vaults, and it’s growing at a fast rate, so by the time this article is finished, their expert team of reviewers may have approved yet another few thousands, based on qualitative, legal, artistic and commercial criteria.


Only the best submissions are admitted, so you need not fret over what kind of quality you’ll find. Now, this is the main concern with microstock agencies, and it simply does not stand here. In other words, you can get your supply of photos, graphics or vector illustrations in excellent resolution, and at a most convenient price.


There is also the option of starting off a partnership, available not just for photographers, graphic and web designers, but also for bloggers and website owners. For approved contributors, it goes like this: they upload content, and get a royalty cut ranging from 50% to 62.5% for each download, which does not change in the instance where discounts are offered to clients. Isn’t that amazing? You can’t help but feel that they truly respect your work.


I suppose this is one of the principal reasons why popular photographers, such as Monkey Business Images or Wavebreak Media, chose to collaborate with this agency.


Apart from that, if you should take advantage of their affiliate program and allow for the subtle presence of banners, buttons or search boxes that would enable the attraction of other potential customers, your blog or website just made you a tad wealthier: you can track sales coming from your directed clients in real time and receive 10% of each deal.


Allow me to illustrate that what we’re dealing with here is a low-priced and inclusive service. When you find a compelling image, you select the desired size, and then add it to your cart. Upon viewing the cart, you can go one of three routes. Either you opt for instant download without making an account – fast and easy but the most expensive alternative of the three – , or sign up and take some form of prepaid credit – which is perfect for a short-term, uncommitted trial. Finally, you can engage in a long-term subscription package beginning from $99 per month, and take full advantage of this ever-increasing database of graphic solutions. Either way, you can’t lose.

Some of their high quality vectors:


Painting Rainbow Colors


Girl Crying



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