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Many people want to create interesting content for their blog or website. The idea is to get people excited about the content of your blog or website so that others will share the content for you. One of the important things to remember in creating share worthy content is that it has to be relevant and important to users. Those who wish to share this content need to follow a few rules when creating content that is helpful and relate able for users. Probably the first thing to remember is that the content needs to be important to users. This is content that makes them interested in what the blogger has to say.

How to structure Your content

1) Make sure that the content is something that is written with the reader in mind and contains data that is relevant to them. People are not going to share content that is not new or news worthy, or contains nothing of import to them. Do research first so that you are sharing something of value and not just rehashing old content. Be innovative when sharing content and solutions for problems.

2) Make sure that it contains a format that is easy for the user to access and share. This is important so make sure that the links are all working and is in an easy to access format. Make sure that everything is technically correct with the content. People don’t want to read sloppy content, with broken links, or problems with the images. Just make sure you content is up to snuff before submitting it.

3) Present solutions to problems. If you know that your readership may be facing problems related to the content, you can set yourself out as the authority and present solutions that they can use. You may also pose questions related to the content and pose the answers to the questions. This way individuals will be able to use your data to solve problems, and will share it with their friends that may be facing similar issues.

Make important points first

1) When sharing content make the important points first, and provide supporting details later on in the content. This is the way to get readers attention with your topic immediately. Make sure that you say what you need to say first, and grab the attention of the reader so that they are paying attention to what you have to say later on in the piece.

2) Add images to the content if possible. Most people like to look at pictures, and if you can incorporate them into your content, it would probably be appreciated by users. It can add interest and create a vision for your content. There are many excellent digital images out there to choose from, or you can add your own. It can only serve to enhance your content and give it some glitz that just text could be lacking.

Remember to write for your audience

1) If your content is targeting a specific niche make sure that the content is related to that particular niche, use the vocabulary and the jargon for the content. Those who feel that you don’t really know what you are talking about are going to be less likely to feel you have anything of value to share.

2) Don’t distract from your content with obvious misspellings or grammatical errors. You want your audience to be able to share and to be impressed with your content. This can be something that you wish to have shared and be proud of. Content that has too many mistakes looks unprofessional is something that makes the reader think that if you are remiss with your writing, that your content could be lacking as well. Use spell check and grammar checks if you have access to them.

Following all of these content suggestions should encourage users to share the content that you have to offer. There is nothing more satisfying than creating great and share worthy content. Those that wish to look for it, can find will find your content useful for them and share worthy. Writing great and share worthy content is not that difficult to do with following a few simple rules in regard to the content itself.

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Jason Smith is an online consultant for Maxwell estimation software . Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation. In his free time he likes to study about web designing and practice Jiu Jitsu.

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