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Yesterday’s New York Giants game in East Rutherford wasn’t just ‘any given Sunday’ for former NFL coach, Bill Parcells. It was a day of commemoration. The former Giants’ head coach received his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring in an honorary ceremony during halftime at the Giants-Broncos’ game. Parcells took the field along with five other Giants’ legends to stand before a sold-out crowd of onlookers basking in their success.

According to, Parcells simply described the auspicious occasion as, “special.” He was honored on his own stomping ground in a stadium where so many of his memorable football moments where forged. “At my age, I have a little more sensitivity and appreciation for the history of the game,” admitted Parcells. He reminisced about his tenure with the Giants stating that the best thing about working for the team was the ability to work in ‘his own backyard with the team he grew up rooting for.’

As a dominant figure in some of the most compelling victories in Giants’ history, Parcells’ legendary stature comes from years of hard work and persistence. In 1979, he made his NFL debut with the Giants’ in the capacity of defensive coordinator. The New York native was ‘excited’ about starting his professional football career. “This is where it started for me in terms of opportunity. Someone took a chance on me as an assistant coach. So I’ll always be grateful to the Giants because of that.” Gradually working his way up the coaching totem pole, Parcels became the Giants’ head coach from 1983 to 1990. Throughout his 7-season tenure with the Giants, Parcells clenched two Super Bowl championships. (Super Bowls XXI and XXV.)

Parcells, now 72, held a head coaching position in the NFL for 22 consecutive seasons. In addition to coaching the Giants’, Parcells was also head coach for the New England Patriots, New York Jets, and the Dallas Cowboys during the 22-year span. Parcells overall coach record was 172 – 130 during the regular seasons, and 11 – 8 in the postseasons.


Image via New York Daily News

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