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Do you own a bakery? Well, it’s about time that you maximize your efforts in order to advertise it! The secret to successfully “sell” your business is to create your own brand or identity, which makes you different from other bakeries.

Here are seven ways to advertise for your bakery:

1.     Organize the launching of your bakery. The best way to call people’s attention and to maximize publicity is to set a date for the launching or grand opening of your bakery. Invite as many reporters as you can so that they can cover the event. Get reporters from print, radio, and television. They can feature your bakery on your local daily, radio, or television program for free. Introduce unique products so that people will get interested to try them.

2.      Create a website. You can create a website for your bakery so that you can reach as many people as you can online. Try to keep your site attractive and updated. Post photos and information about your products as well as positive feedback and reviews to convince people to buy them. Don’t forget to put in your contact information such as your bakery’s address and telephone number.

3.       Offer discount coupons to new customers. Try to win loyal customers by offering discount coupons to new clients. You can ask for their email or street address and send them coupons. You can also offer free samples of your products such as bread and pastries as a form of initial advertising.

4.       Use social networking sites. Create an account for your bakery on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. This way, you can reach as many people as you can. Through social media, you can post ads and even links to your bakery’s website. This will make people easily find you.

5.     Produce posters and flyers in your community. You can go the traditional way by distributing flyers to people in your community. Aside from flyers, you can also hang posters in strategic locations. This way, people will get to know about your bakery.

6.       Place an ad on your local yellow page. If you have the budget, you can place an ad in your local print yellow pages or listing. You can include your website too through an online yellow pages ad. This way, people can easily look up your contact information and website.

7.       Submit your website to major search engines. Finally, you can submit your website to search engines such as Google so that people can easily access it.

These are just seven ways you can advertise your bakery. Try any of these tips now and earn money!

Article Author: Lauren Tessin
Lauren is the owner of the website, and you can browse through a selection of her products at!

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