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Hello there, and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Pope Moore, I am an analyst and entrepreneur, and I live in Sutton in the UK. Away from work and business, I have varied interests, including listening to music, reading, watching movies, walking, sports (I’m passionate about golf), and I enjoy going to the theatre and museums.

I run a business called Internet Commerce and I have been operating in the internet industry for over 5 years, and designing websites and blogs is one of the many business areas of IT I am passionate about.

The pupose of this site, blogs, is to provide customers with the best possible service of blog design, and at the most cost effective prices.

I am aware that as the internet evolves, web users, including those who blog for either personal or business purposes, are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, demanding more choices. Customers need more functionalities and features, in addition to services of the highest quality.

To this end, the primary objectives of blogs are as follows:

  • I offer customers a wide range of themes and functionalities from which to choose.
  • I provide customers an unrivalled service of continuous liaison throughout the design phases. This ensures that the end product will be precisely to my customer’s specifications, and the overall design time will be vastly reduced.
  • Because my overheads are comparatively low, I am in position to offer highly competitive rates.
  • I offer a FREE domain name.
  • I offer a FREE wordpress search engine optimization.
  • I offer a FREE after sales support.

I hope that you share my vision, and that you enjoy your experience on my blog. If you need assistance with any aspects of blogs design, please click here.

Pope H. Moore
M.Sc Advanced Information Technology (with Business and Marketing)
Business Director

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