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   Behind every successful design is a dynamic creative team, and it takes all kinds of personalities and skills to get the job done. However, the culture and expectations of a design agency are often largely centered on one outspoken, gregarious personality. Things such as group brainstorming, on-the-fly presentations and open workspaces have become the norm in most design agencies. But the stereotypical extrovert is just one of the personalities [...]

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Hulu has added Chromecast support to their Hulu Plus app—just in time for the fall television season. Now you can easily enjoy your favorite shows, such as “Modern Family,” “New Girl” and “Parks and Recreation,” on your big-screen TV by casting from Hulu Plus on your mobile phone or tablet. It’s the same intuitive, remote-free experience you’ve come to enjoy with the other Chromecast-supported apps, and is as simple as [...]

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Advertise here with BSA Many web designers start a new project by designing a mockup in Photoshop before actually coding the website. For a designer who is comfortable with Photoshop and with this process, less time can be used to create the end result. For those designers who have not mastered the process of converting a design into a fully coded website, these 10 tutorials are excellent learning resources. (For [...]

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Back in July, investors were disappointed with Samsung’s results for Q2 2013 though record profits were posted. But as expected at the time, the company has done better in the third quarter. The company’s earnings guidance for Q3 of 2013 is showing record breaking numbers. Samsung is predicting about 59 trillion won (around $53.9 billion) in total revenue and operating profit of about 10.1 trillion won (around $9.4 billion) for [...]

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25 Awesome Social Media Tools (Your Brand Should Be Using) – When you’re managing your business on social media, it’s essential that you equip yourself with the right tools to do the job. Having the platforms and apps in place to effectively measure your ROI and maximize your social strategy will ramp up your results. This infographic from The Social Media Strategies Summit takes a closer look at 25 free [...]

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Your beautifully filtered photos will soon have companions within your Instagram feed Instagram announced on Thursday that the company will bring advertisements to the photo-sharing app in the near future, and frankly, it’s surprising it took this long. Unlike Facebook‘s famous mantra, “Move fast and break things,” its subsidiary Instagram seems to be taking a slightly more subtle approach See also: 25 Most-Followed Users on Instagram [PICS] “Seeing photos and [...]

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We recently re-imagined in-app analytics from the ground up, speaking the language that matters to app developers and marketers. Since launch, the insights provided by Google Analytics for Mobile Apps are already helping hundreds of thousands of app developers and marketers create more successful Android and iOS apps and experiences by measuring metrics at all stages: acquisition, behavior and conversions.  As a follow-up from this week’s Summit, today we’re excited [...]

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   Designing and developing can be time-consuming, especially when the project involves a new challenge, putting the team or freelancer into unknown territory. Moreover, time is a key factor in productivity. Working efficiently enables us to deliver better value at a competitive price. However, some steps can be repeated for every project. These are steps we know and should make as quick as possible in order to have more freedom [...]

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Posted by briansolis Search is a natural step in the discovery process. In a web-based world, search engines offer a lens into a qualified and structured view to help online consumers focus and make informed decisions. With Google dominating search, marketers concentrated on improving search ranking through tried and true techniques to ensure that what they were marketing earned a coveted position in the likely search results a customer might [...]

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Every year, Google Analytics Certified Partners and Premium customers descend upon Mountain View for our annual summit. Google Analytics team members and Google thought leaders share a glimpse into the future of Analytics and our users and partners have the opportunity to network and share ideas. The 2013 theme of the Summit is Access, Empower, Act. So how does that translate to practical terms? As shared at the Summit, we [...]

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