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Virtual business cards are an essential tools in todays digital world. Many people are turning to the Internet to do business. This aspect has forced the advent of globalization which simply means that people around the world can communicate and do business with each other easily. However, to do this business effectively, it is vital that professionals present themselves appropriately. One of the most effective ways to this is to [...]

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There are loads of job titles in our industry. The opinion on their usefulness range from harmful (i.e. leads to “not my job” syndrome) to vital (i.e. people change companies sometimes and need common language). Since they are out there and we use them, there should be some consistency to their definition. Perhaps we can get closer to nailing that down. Let’s light this fire, shall we? This is all [...]

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In what seems to be a response to increased anxiety about the privacy of data stored online among both consumers and businesses following revelations of extensive spying by US government agencies, Google announced that Google Cloud Storage, a service used by third-party developers to build cloud apps, now automatically encrypts all data before it is written to disk. Google is not charging anything extra for the service.    Users of [...]

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The following is a guest post contributed by Caleb Whitmore, founder of GACP Analytics Pros and the BEST Practices Conference, Google Analytics enthusiast and aspiring mountaineer. BEST Practices: Google Analytics Conference Boston, September 19 Seattle, November 14 As a digital analytics firm, we obviously love the constant connectedness of social media, mobile devices and the web. But we are also the first to admit that the never-ending noise leaves little [...]

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If you attended art school, I highly recommend a film called Art School Confidential. It follows a shy, but talented young man as he leaves high school and enters Strathmore College where he runs up against the usual collective of students who maintain “different” personality traits that aggravate him no end. A fellow student, played by the actor who was the über nerd from the film Grandma’s Boy and blue [...]

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Forum Marketing Strategies Forum marketing is an excellent way for online business owners to promote their products and services online. It is increasingly becoming popular, and it’s considered to be one of the most widely used free online marketing methods. It has many benefits, and it costs virtually nothing for you to implement. All that’s required is a bit of time and dedication to see good results. Essentially, a forum [...]

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Advertise here with BSA If I haven’t introduced you to’s WordPress Bootcamp yet, I would like to today. Here’s what you get: - 42 complete WordPress training videos that you can download and watch again and again. - Two live sessions with our WordPress experts to better understand what you’re learning and ask any questions you might have. - Personal 1-on-1 support from’s experts so you’ll never be [...]

Google updated their content guidelines for links recently causing a bit of buzz amongst the SEO community, mostly from those looking for clarification. I’ll get to that shortly, but something else popped up that’s worth debunking. The link scheme clarifications directed at webmasters also attracted a post from ZDNet via Tom Foremski’s sensationally titled article, “Did Google just kill PR agencies?”. In case you didn’t know, PR agencies do a [...]

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   Touch devices have rightfully been praised for generally being much more intuitive than the decades-old computer mouse and keyboard. Users interact directly with touch interfaces, which narrows the gap between human act and software response. Yet typing on mobile devices — in particular on smartphones — is quite the horror story. It’s slow, painful and error-prone. The obvious culprits are keyboard character size and proximity of the keys, but [...]

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LG wanted some publicity for its G2 smartphone, which launched last week in the U.S. and South Korea. The company didn’t, however, bank on the kind of publicity that involves bodily injury — but that’s exactly what it got after an event in Seoul this weekend. The idea behind the event seemed innocent enough. Around 100 colorful helium balloons were arranged into the form of the letter G and the [...]

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