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After months of hype, rumors and leaks, Samsung is finally ready to unveil its newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. The launch is set to start at 7:00 p.m. ET at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  Depending on whom you believe, we know a lot about the Galaxy S4 or very little about the Galaxy S4. The basic rumors go like this: it will have a 5-inch [...]

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Today, Foursquare is releasing an update to their Android app that they say will help put recommendations front and center, right when you open the app. “When you’re in a new city or neighborhood, Foursquare will show you popular places, sites, and must-see attractions. When you’re on your home turf, we’ll tell what spots are “new and notable” – places that have recently opened in your area,” says Foursquare. Foursquare [...]

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A group of US Senators, including Al Franken, and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have introduced legislation which, if passed, will allow US mobile phone users to unlock their phones at the end of a contract. Cellphone unlocking is currently illegal in the US, after the Library of Congress removed an exception to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act last year. The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act would [...]

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Sergey and I first heard about Android back in 2004, when Andy Rubin came to visit us at Google. He believed that aligning standards around an open-source operating system would drive innovation across the mobile industry. Most people thought he was nuts. But his insight immediately struck a chord because at the time it was extremely painful developing services for mobile devices. We had a closet full of more than [...]

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Not too long ago we reported on the rumored Nokia Lumia 928, which is believed to be the Verizon variant of the Lumia 920. Now we get a few new details about changed features, including the inclusion of an aluminum shell instead of a poly-carbonate one. The idea of an aluminum variant of the Lumia 920 is nothing new either, as the idea goes back a ways, when the aluminum version was [...]

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About today’s guest post: As companies mature their online presence though more robust social engagement, individuals within those companies are advancing use of social technologies to communicate and collaborate publicly. At the same time, consumers’ evolving use of social platforms has lead to increased expectations for brand information discovery, consumption and engagement. Surfacing organizational culture and expertise helps companies better connect with their customers in terms of who they are [...]

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Advertise here with BSA The flat metro-style design trend has only been active within the community for a couple of years. The original designs started with Microsoft and have grown in complexity ever since. Specifically I have noticed a lot of designers working with flat CSS3 buttons, links, icons, and other UI features. I want to dedicate this showcase towards flat website interfaces. The gallery includes 34 examples of the [...]

   Responsive Web design has been evolving rapidly ever since Ethan Marcotte coined the term two years ago. Since then, techniques have emerged, become best practices and formed part of our ever-changing methodology. A few obvious examples are the multitude of responsive image techniques, conditional loading, and responsive design and server-side components (RESS), among many other existing and emerging strands stemming from the core concept of responsive Web design. I’m [...]

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Posted by Geoff Kenyon Over the past few years, our industry has changed dramatically. We have seen some of the biggest removals of spam from the search results, and a growing number of people are starting to focus on building quality links rather than just building links. Companies are starting to really invest in content, and sites are building better category pages and are improving their product descriptions. Content marketing [...]

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Intuit Shares a Social Media Marketing Roadmap for Brands in 2013 Intuit shared an incredibly helpful infographic on their Small Business Blog to guide marketers in their social strategy this year. Path to Social Success in 2013 assigns a theme for each quarter; we begin the year by taking a social media inventory. As we enter the second quarter next month, it’s time to focus on working on relationships. The third [...]

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