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Currently in the U.S., state governments are only obligated to collect sales taxes from online retailers that are based in their own states. If an online sales tax bill makes it to law, states could collect from online retailers that don’t reside in their state. Should online retailers have to pay taxes to states where they don’t reside? Let us know what you think in the comments. There’s a good [...]

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Update: Google has removed the image from the Knowledge Panel. Rather than replacing it with a non-nude image, they went with no image at all. The image in question is also gone from the image search results (though it’s still there if you search “angel tompkins topless”). There are other topless pictures of her showing up further down in the image results as well. Update 2: Google has removed more [...]

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Radoxist Studio is a 3D illustration and retouching studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia that specializes in high quality visuals for advertising. They have worked with many well-known agencies such as TBWA, BBDO, Saatchi and Saatchi, and more. In this article, we will take a look at some of our favorite work from their portfolio. Aupark – Last Minute Dulux – Nightmares Bee Factory – Do the Right Mix Worth Enough? [...]

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   This post should be titled “Getting Ahead of Yourself.” “…By a Few Years,” actually. Here’s the deal: at the time I’m writing this, early 2013, there’s no way to accurately design for the Web using physical units, nor will there be for a very long time. But there is a way to design while knowing the physical characteristics of the device — or, at least, there will be in the [...]

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Google Alerts isn’t working. Updates from Google‘s service, which pledges to notify users every time new search results appear for any keyword they might like to track, have trickled to a halt in recent months, leaving many to speculate whether Alerts is about to follow Google Reader into retirement. Google’s spokesperson has remained mum on the topic thus far. Since I joined Mashable three years ago, I’ve become dependent on [...]

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Posted by randfish Personalization usage data and user data give marketers deep insights into their users' interests and actions. But how can you make the most out of these complex data sets to better serve your SEO campaigns? In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Rand takes us through the intricate world of personalization and how it affects SEO. We'd love to hear your thoughts and tips in the comments below!  Video [...]

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A typical consumer today uses multiple devices to surf the web and interact in many ways with your business. For most large businesses, already swimming in many sources of data, it’s an enormous challenge, but also an incredible opportunity.  Back in October, we announced the limited beta release of Universal Analytics as a way for businesses to understand the changing, multi-device customer journey. Today, we’re excited to welcome and invite [...]

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There are few places (if any) in the world where you could find urban art, zoomorphic whistles* and Hungarian poetry in a single place—except, of course, on the Internet. Today 30 new partners are joining the Google Art Project, contributing nearly 2,000 diverse works including contemporary art from Latin America, ancient art from China, rare Japanese paintings and Palaeolithic flint heads from Spain. One highlight of the new collection is [...]

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The invention of social media networks has impacted the online business world tremendously, to the point where there are now countless blogs and websites that are relying exclusively on said social networks in order to rake in traffic. As far as potential goes, social media seems to have a limitless amount of it, potentially allowing business owners to reach out to billions of people around the entire planet. However, the [...]

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Even though it may not exactly seem like a big deal, your website’s loading time is actually an important factor in determining its success. For starters, the lower your loading time, the less users will feel compelled to leave your website due to the pages not loading fast enough, consequently reducing your bounce rate and yielding you more clients as well as certain search engine optimization benefits. Naturally, being that [...]

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