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Two days after the big Tumblr update to its Android app, iPad gets its own native app as well.  Tumblr’s iOS app version 3.2.3 is now compatible with the iPad and the iPad mini. Users can utilize a circular menu for creating posts and access the navigation sidebar.  All aspects of blogging can now be accessed from the iPad and iPad mini, allowing bloggers to view and reply to messages, [...]

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When you need to do SEO on a particular website, it is often a good idea to try to learn more about the general information to do with SEO. This is because in most cases, this will give you all the information you need to avoid mistakes such as getting the wrong contractor to work for you. In addition to that, it can also help you try to be more [...]

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Some of the major ISPs in the U.S. implement bandwidth caps in the name of controlling network congestion, but most caps are just a backhanded way of making more money. One senator is targeting the practice to bring better Internet availability and speed to users across the U.S. TechDirt reported Thursday that Sen. Ron Wyden, Internet freedom fighter, has introduced a new bill called the Data Cap Integrity Act. The [...]

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Sometimes Google’s Knowledge Graph is inaccurate. Google knows it’s not perfect, and provides a “feedback/more info” link at the bottom of Knowledge Graph results, which you can click to let Google know what it has wrong, if you believe there is an error. Of course, there’s no guarantee that Google will acknowledge your feedback or that you’ll hear back from them with any quickness. Have you noticed errors in Google’s [...]

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   Many of us care deeply about developing our craft. But staying up to date can be a true challenge, because the quantity of fresh information we’re regularly exposed to can be a lot to take in. 2012 has been no exception, with a wealth of evolution and refinement going on in the front end. Great strides have been made in how we approach workflow, use abstractions, appreciate code quality [...]

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Posted by carinoverturf Happy Holidays!! The December Mozscape index is now live! The latest index has just been released and you will see fresh Mozscape data in Open Site Explorer, the Mozbar, PRO campaigns, and the Mozscape API. The Big Data team was hoping to provide a special holiday treat launching two indices in one month again, but, unfortunately processing was bitten by a full machine failure. We've had really good luck running Mozscape [...]

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Happy Holidays From TopRank Online Marketing We celebrate and appreciate the opportunity to have you as party of our online community, and look forward to our mutual success in 2013 and beyond.  You can now “Optimize” your own holiday card!  The first 5 people to comment on this post or share a tweet of their TopRank holiday card will win a free copy of Optimize by Lee Odden. Make Your [...]

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Despite Microsoft’s efforts with Windows Phone, the two biggest players in the smartphone game continue to be Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Just when we thought that Android was on the rise, it appears that the iOS smartphone market share is actually growing, breaking the 50% mark in the United States. Last month, a report was issued saying that iOS had a 48.1% market share when it came to smartphones, [...]

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Role Of Content Marketing in Social Media Traditional advertising and promotion is the thing of past and are not relevant for today’s hyper kinetic and competitive environment. In fact, it cannot produce desired results or in other words they become obsolete. Today’s new techniques are quite more powerful, result-oriented and effective. Today, marketing starts from content creation, as it the thing that can attract readers searching for original and informative [...]

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Posted by @petebray At Followerwonk, we're all about helping our customers find, engage, and optimize their Twitter audience. We're relentlessly focused on letting you dig into your followers, do advanced searches to help plumb the depths of Twitter, track your social graph, and more. We're excited for you to explore some of the new metrics we've rolled out today! This new data goes beyond "simple" (yet useful!) items like follower [...]

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