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As June ticked over into July, and summer seemed further away than ever, most of the mainstream media was busy covering the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and previewing London 2012. George Michael was still a few weeks away from finding out that crashing into Snappy Snaps was only the second worst career move he’d ever make and Emeli Sandé had discovered that Adele’s shoes fitted her more snugly than she could [...]

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Advertise here with BSA Website layouts are not the most difficult part of coding a typical design. But unfortunately there are still not many standards set in stone for creating multiple column-based layouts. These are often put together through various CSS methods, but the most supported designs are using fluid width containers. In this tutorial I want to look over a series of different CSS column layouts. We can see [...]

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How to Use SEO Keywords to Improve Writing Horizon The balanced writing technique can propel your business to new heights. In fact, perfection in writing helps to achieve business goals more quickly and effectively. But in order to improve your writing skills, you need to know and understand basic facts of using keywords. In fact, you can easily measure your efforts against your business goals. When encircling SEO writing, authors [...]

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Posted by randfish Salutations, flappers and dappers! Today we come to you from the golden age of the Internet. That's right, the 1920's! SEOmoz's resident Whiskbroom has put on his finest glad rags and is going to give you some knowledge, strictly on the level. OK, you got us. We're not actually in the 1920's. But some of those old techniques that we all used in the past still work [...]

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Over the past 12 months, this blog has seen over 4 million unique visitors and you’ve left thousands of comments and helped others in the community by sharing the things you’ve found. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you, as I am extremely grateful. The feedback and sharing really fuels my passion & inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing. May you have a very happy holiday [...]

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The last twelve months have been nothing if not eventful for Apple and its customers. We’ve had the launch of the iPad mini, the first Retina Macs, the departure of the man responsible for iOS, and both the arrival and departure of retail chief, John Browett. The year began with a day of campaigning on some of the biggest sites on the Internet, including Wikipedia, which went ‘dark’ for 24 [...]

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With many Facebook marketing campaigns, while content is king, success is oftentimes dependent on  the details of the execution itself. Besides knowing what kind of content works best, the question comes up of how to get more likes, shares and even comments. In other words, how does one go about getting the most interaction on [...] The post Increase Facebook Interaction Wall Post Cheat Sheet appeared first on Search Engine [...]

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Posted by randfish 2012 was a year of triumphs and setbacks for marketers seeking the data to best accomplish their goals. Big improvements and additions in products like Google Analytics, GWMT, Bing Webmaster Tools, Mixpanel, KISSMetrics, Raven, and yes, SEOmoz PRO, too (along with dozens of others), helped many of us improve our reporting, auditing, and optimization efforts. But with the good came the bad, and setbacks like Google's expansion [...]

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Repeat after me: This holiday season, I resolve to take into consideration the increasingly mobile and visual preferences of my customers or readers, and to create and repurpose content to meet their needs, on whichever platform they use to connect with my business. Recently, TopRank’s Alexis Hall and Lee Odden have each shared with us a few figures that underscore the importance of video in a modern day marketing strategy: [...]

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LinkedIn recently revealed its 12 most popular stories of the year, which included articles from Inc., Fast Company, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Entrepreneur, to name a few. Yep, it really is the professional network. The top 12 were: 1. The 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees (Inc.) 2. What Successful People Do in the First Hour of Their Work Day (Fast Company) 3. Top Executive Recruiters Agree: There Are Only Three Key Job Interview Questions(Forbes) [...]